About Evolution Nutrition

You know the feeling:
There has to be a better way.

Maybe you've been there, simultaneously punching at the calculator, rifling through two research books on the desk, searching for another article online, and entering data into a spreadsheet. Isn't there a way to leverage technology to create an effective nutrition program that can keep pace with the ongoing advances in science and nutrition?

That's what our founder, Jeff Boyes, wondered while working on dual masters' degrees in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.


A Better Way
Out of Jeff's frustration, Evolution Nutrition was born. The concept was simple: Develop a powerful web-based menu planning software capable of matching ongoing advances in physiology and nutrition, yet flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of working professionals in the field.

Our Comitment to You
That was our first commitment — to give your direct input in creating a professional nutrition software tool that finally brings nutrition planning and nutrition analysis into the 21st century. To improve your life, and the lives of your clients with a collaborative product that makes nutrition management:

• Better
• Faster
• Easier

And that's our mission......every day.

Our Core Values
This is how we plan on getting there:
• Humility: There is always more to learn from each other.
 • Integrity: We are personally responsible for doing the right thing.
 • Abundance: There is enough for everyone, and there is always a solution.
 • Resolve: We are committed to the goal.
 • Candor: We communicate, clearly, effectively, and compassionately.
 • Excellence: Our focus is on producing the best result possible.
 • Fun: Every moment is to be enjoyed.

Let’s move forward together