About Evolution Nutrition

You know the feeling:
There has to be a better way.


A single moment can change your life forever. For me it came in the form of a near-fatal car crash my senior year in high school, which left me in a coma for almost a week. I suffered a significant brain injury and my rehabilitation took nearly a year. Those physical injuries are well behind me now, but the impact of that one moment is still with me today in other ways.

During my rehabilitation I dedicated myself to not only recovering, but also to improving how I lived my life from that day forward. I developed an intense passion for nutrition, fitness, and bodybuilding, and I became obsessed with learning the real science behind effective diet and training. Seeing the impact that focus was making on my life, I wanted to find out how I could help others do the same thing.

In 2000, I entered San Diego State's graduate program in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science. Along with my schoolwork, I worked in the university’s Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning programs. Working with athletes and individuals from a huge range of backgrounds and disciplines, the exercise programming was fairly straightforward, but I saw the painstaking work involved in delivering real, scientifically sound nutrition advice customized for each individual's needs. The science was there, but we were essentially using pen and paper to create detailed meal plans. It seemed like there had to be a better way.

After graduating, I taught exercise physiology and nutrition at a local university, while owning a gym and working as a personal trainer. I was straddling the line between research and real world application once again, but couldn't easily bring the two together to make my life easier, or my clients' results better. It was out of that frustration that the vision for what would become Evolution Nutrition started to take shape.

When I look back at our journey at Evolution Nutrition, I can see every incremental step along the way; not always in a straight line, and even down some blind alleys, but it truly has been an evolution, and one that we believe puts the power in your hands to significantly shape people's lives.

We launched the initial version of Evolution Nutrition years ago already. In the years since, however, we've never wavered from our simple mission: to constantly make the nutrition management process better, faster, and easier. That continues even today.

With your help, we are making a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and we are just getting started. So let's keep going…together!

Our first commitment is to give you direct input in creating a professional nutrition software tool that finally brings nutrition planning and nutrition analysis into the 21st century. To improve your life, and the lives of your clients with a collaborative product that makes nutrition management:

• Better
• Faster
• Easier

And that's our mission......every day.

Our Core Values
This is how we plan on getting there:
• Humility: There is always more to learn from each other.
 • Integrity: We are personally responsible for doing the right thing.
 • Abundance: There is enough for everyone, and there is always a solution.
 • Resolve: We are committed to the goal.
 • Candor: We communicate, clearly, effectively, and compassionately.
 • Excellence: Our focus is on producing the best result possible.
 • Fun: Every moment is to be enjoyed.

Let’s move forward together