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Business Strategies

Crafting a smart business strategy is the key to building your personal training practice in a way that sets both you and your clients up for success. Meal planning is one valuable option to offer your clients. But you need an ambitious and comprehensive overall strategy focused on attracting and keeping a strong client base, promoting your services to new and potential customers, and setting clear goals for what you want to achieve.
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Here are a few other solid strategies you can tie in with offering Evolution Nutrition:

Create Your Niche

There’s a place for everyone in fitness. But you can really make your mark and boost your client list by focusing on a niche you can master.

For instance, parents trying to get back into shape, executives who are always on the run but want to make time to meet their fitness goals, or older clients looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Those niches, and many more, represent avenues you can pursue to establish yourself as a trusted authority clients can come to get results.

See Your Vision

Cultivating a vision of what you want to achieve with your business will help you lay out a clear path for how to get there and provide markers along the way to chart your progress.

Be Bold. Try New Things

Whether you’re new to the personal training business looking for your first client or a seasoned pro with a solid list of loyal clients, there are always new things you can try to achieve even more.

Marketing for Fitness Professionals

In this business, you are your own brand and good marketing is what sets you apart. Being able to communicate a good story that presents you and your skills in an effective way is key. Here are a few important things to concentrate on:

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It's All About Communication

The best way for someone to find you is to let them know you’re there. And these days, there is no shortage of ways to get quality marketing messages out to a lot of people at once. To start, make the Internet and social media your marketing assistants. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts—on your own accounts or in conversations with others--are valuable outlets to get the word out about your fitness expertise and can drive traffic to your own web site or video you post on YouTube. Plus, they’re free and require almost no financial investment.

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Show People Who You Are

Everyone has a story. A great way to help attract new clients is to tell people yours. Put a face to the brand and don’t be afraid to get personal, often times people can relate, or have a similar story or experience. Creating a blog you publish on your own web site or in an e-mail newsletter, writing articles for fitness publications, or getting on a local radio show are great ways to get the word out about who you are and what you offer.

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Happy Clients Lead to More Happy Clients

You know how hard you work to make sure your clients are doing all they need to do to hit reach their goals. And they appreciate it. Along with the benefits they’re getting from their workouts, give them incentives to let others know about you. Offer discounts for future sessions, Evolution Nutrition meal plans, or other services if they refer you to friends who sign up to work with you.

Client Management and Promotions

As a personal trainer, there’s nothing more important than building and sustaining great relationships with clients. There are a lot of ways to promote yourself and your business to draw in new clients and keep your current clients coming back for more. Check out these ideas:

The More They Know, The More You Grow

Keep promoting yourself as an expert in the field by continuing to educate your clients with regular e-mails or social media posts telling them about new tips, tricks, and motivational messages to help them stay fit. E-mails and posts are also a great way to communicate with clients about discount promotions, news about special group events, and other offers.

Greet Them Where They Are

It sounds simple, but a smile and a friendly “Hello” when you see people can go a long way toward launching new relationships that can turn into personal training relationships. Have a business card ready, invite them to the next event you’re planning, or chat them up about their fitness goals.

Free Sells

Posting or dropping off flyers at local stores promoting your business with free group or individual classes or online coaching or consulting can lead to new long-term clients and make the one-time giveaway worth the price.

Personal Training FAQs

As a Personal Trainer, how do you stay engaged with your clients?

Communication is the key to keeping up with your clients and keeping them engaged in their sessions. Be encouraging and let them know about the progress they’re making, and keep them informed about new services you’re offering, like Evolution Nutrition meal planning. Also, coach them to not get bummed about a missed workout or bad day in the kitchen. Encourage them to just dust themselves off and get back on track.

How much money, on average, can you make as a personal trainer?

How can Evolution Nutrition help me build my business?

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