Program Pricing Calculator:

All of our members understand just how vital real nutrition is to any health and fitness program, but many of them are incorporating meal planning into their business for the very first time. The first question we usually get asked by a new member is, "Great, what should I charge for it?"  We've heard from many of our seasoned Pros, the simplest way to get started is by launching a weigh-loss challenge.

Based on what they've told us works best, we've built this simple calculator so you can see what program pricing could look like for your business. Remember, this is just a suggestion, but it's a great starting point. Play with it to see what your own Program Pricing can look like and then get started today!


Option 1   Option 2


Lite Lite


All the power of Fitness, with just 1 client account.

Fitness Fitness


The solution for those who want to get started right away, by simply using one of our 4,200+ existing meal plans created by our team of Registered Dietitians.

Pro Pro


Perfect for those who want to take total control by editing the smallest detail, or even creating their own meal plans from scratch.

Enterprise Enterprise


For business with more than one working professional.