Enhance Client Performance and Elevate Your Personal Training Practice with Customized Nutritional Meal Plans Exclusive to Evolution Nutrition Software

Being a personal trainer, you know that physical training is limited without proper nutrition. And when a client hits a plateau or is not reaching their goals, it’s likely due to poor nutrition meal planning. Helping your clients understand the importance of good nutrition and incorporating personalized meal plans have never been easier with Evolution Nutrition’s online meal planner. 


Personalized nutrition meal plans can help support weight loss, body fat loss, weight gain and all-around improved healthful eating. But, creating them from scratch can take time away from doing what you do best - motivating and training your clients. Using Evolution Nutrition’s meal planning software can help automate this process by generating your client’s calculated nutritional needs (based on anthropometrics, age, weight, height, activity and weight goals). Once the needs have been assessed, you can choose from over 1000 meal plans available in the meal planning software. These nutritionist-created meal plans are designed for long-term maintenance and success. They indicate the macronutrient ranges and fluid intake per meal, per day and per week. They even incorporate dietary preferences and eating styles like Protein Focused, DASH Nutrition and Holistic Health and can be fully customizable to meet your client’s needs. There’s even an option to create nutritional meal plans from scratch for those needing complete customization.


Evolution Nutrition’s online meal planner helps your clients know when, how much, how often, and most importantly what to eat to reach their goals. You can even give your clients meal plans with suggestions on how to fuel up before, during and after workouts. 


Meal planning software makes it easier than ever to optimize your clients’ workouts with personalized meal plans to help reach their goals. Take your business and your clients to the next level with Evolution Nutrition.

By Lauren Rezende, M.P.H, RD