The Key Features of Evolution Nutrition That Will Bring Your Clients and Your Business Success

Evolution Nutrition’s advanced online nutrition software offers a complete solution to power your client’s fitness and nutrition goals. This comprehensive platform allows you to keep detailed records for all your clients and connect with them 24/7.


Known for its easy client management tools (including age, height, weight, anthropometrics, body composition, activity level, dietary preferences, fitness goals, and more), Evolution Nutrition’s proprietary technology also allows you to access client food logs, activity logs, and track biological markers over time. Now with over 1,000 nutritionist-created customizable meal plans, you can take your business and your clients to the next level.


Nutrition-focused meal plans can be created in 3 simple ways:

1. Create a program by modifying your client’s current eating habits. Ask them to log their dietary intake for one week in the platform as a good starting point. After you’ve reviewed it, you can make suggestions and food swaps for future meal planning.

2. Create a meal plan from scratch by determining the number of days, the number of meals per day, and what and when your client should be eating.

3. Choose from one of the 1,000+ meal plans in the Evolution Nutrition meal planning software to make it even easier to support your client’s goals. Use these meal plans as they are (since your clients’ nutrient needs will vary, plans range from 1250 - 4500 kcals/day), or customize them to further meet your client’s needs. And with so many types of nutritional meal plans to select from, the dietary preferences and needs will be met whether you choose vegetarian and vegan options, anti-inflammatory plans, protein focused meal plans, low glycemic, soy free, and countless other healthy meal plans! These nutritionist-created plans explicitly state the calories, macronutrient levels, and amount of fluid per meal, day and week. 


No matter which method you choose, your meal plan will be given a letter score so you know you’re on the right track!


To take your client’s meal plans to the next level, be sure to incorporate some recipes throughout the week! These recipes can be created from scratch or you can use or modify an existing recipe from the Community database. Your personal recipe database can be sorted by calories, fluid, or macronutrients. Be sure to upload pictures of your recipes and adjust the number of serving sizes for extra precision and accuracy!


Evolution Nutrition also provides you, the pro, with tools to grow your business through the business development functionality. Here, you are able to personalize all Evolution Nutrition materials with your logo and branding information. You can even generate fliers for your business, tap into resources to conduct training challenges, and explore methods on how to price your services just right.


New and innovative features are constantly in the works at Evolution Nutrition. The latest Smart Plan program allows your clients to ditch counting calories or grams of carbs and protein. The point-based Smart Plan system simplifies the process for your clients. Your clients can now log against the Smart Plan and simply identify if they ate or skipped a food within the plan. The Healthy Suggestions feature is available for a standard diet or your clients can choose from the seven food preferences: gluten free, holistic, lactose free, low glycemic, soy free, vegetarian and vegan. And the Healthy Suggestions are are categorized by meal and macronutrient, so for example if you are searching for a healthy carb to incorporate into your breakfast, or a healthy protein for your dinner, meal appropriate selections will appear. If your client eats something outside of the Healthy Suggestions list, they still have the option to log those foods as well. Now logging foods for your clients can be an educational experience promoting smart nutrition and also enable you to have successful results with your clients.


By Lauren Rezende, M.P.H, RD