Foods and drink for exercise recovery

Best Food and Drinks for Active Recovery

A day or two after working out that uncomfortable feeling settles in – stiff, sore muscles that are sensitive to the touch, making even the lightest of daily activities a challenge. DOMS, also known as delayed onset muscle soreness, happens after strenuous exercise and causes tiny, microtears in muscle fibers. These microtears occur when force is applied while the muscles are lengthened, known as an eccentric muscle action.

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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

The meals you have before and after exercising are the most important meals of your day. First things first--focus on getting rid of nutrient deficiencies, making sure your portions are the proper size, and eating correctly for your body type and amount of physical activity. Carbohydrates are the most important foods to eat surrounding your exercise (before, during, and after) to maximize the maintenance of your blood glucose levels with moderate protein for support.


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Electrolytes - What are they and why they are important in fitness | Evolution Nutrition

When it comes to health and fitness, electrolytes certainly don’t make headlines often.

But, they are every bit as relevant and play a vital role in our athletic performance and well-being.

Today, we'll take a more in-depth look.


What are Electrolytes?

Several essential minerals fall under the electrolyte umbrella - Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Phosphate.

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Workout Tips for Busy Moms | Evolution Nutrition

If you’ve ever felt like life pulls you in a thousand directions and the last thing you can fit is regular exercise, don’t worry. Today, we’ll take a look at three actionable workout tips to ensure more consistent and more efficient training.


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Paleo Diet Foods: broccoli, coconut, salmon, spinach, eggs and avocado

What is the Paleo Diet? The Truth About Paleo | Evolution Nutrition

Tens of thousands of years ago, before agriculture and McDonalds, humans thrived as hunter-gatherers. The diet of the ancient human consisted of mainly meat, fish, and certain fruits and vegetables.  Since the discovery of agriculture, the average diet branched out and began to include more grains, beans, dairy, and potatoes.

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The Mediterranean Diet is one of the best diets for your health

For Your Best Health, the Mediterranean Diet Ranks #1

Healthiest Way to Eat

With new diet trends constantly popping up, finding the healthiest way to eat may seem like an elusive hunt. However, the latest diet fad might not be worth the effort: the recently released 2019 rankings by the U.S. News & World Report state that the top diet to improve overall health and protect against chronic diseases is the ever-enduring Mediterranean diet.

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