4 Steps for Running a Successful Weight Loss Challenge

With every new-year come New Year’s resolutions. With 2016 less than a month away, you should start thinking about how you will let that effect your business. Will you sit back and let the new client rush pass you by? Will you scoop up a ton of clients only to loose them in a few weeks after their motivation fades? OR will you grow your client list and support them in maintaining their long-term health goals beyond bikini season?
The last option is the clear winner; so in the best interest of your business, let’s talk about how to get you there. Before you even start planning for January, remember that most weight loss clients don’t know that adding a nutrition plan to a regular workout schedule makes it 450% more effective than working out alone. Kick off your weight loss program with a little education on the benefits of nutrition. As the expert you should make the task of eating healthy last longer than a few weeks and less intimidating. Need help figuring out how to talk about Nutrition? No worries, we have plenty of insight in this article.
This is where you come in with a flexible, customized, and rewarding weight loss challenge. The length of the weight loss challenge can vary, but research shows that 12 weeks is the most effective. Once your clients signup, it’s your job to support them as they change their lifestyle, celebrate with them each win and support them when they realize how great it feels to take care of themselves. It may sound challenging for you as well, but fortunately we’re here to help with our 4 Steps for Running a Successful Weight Loss Challenge.
Step 1: Create Your Weight Loss Challenge
To build a manageable challenge you only need 4 things:
  • The number of training sessions you will include per week
  • The number of clients you want to include in your challenge. (If you want to give a more personalized experience, consider using small groups or doing one-on-one sessions.)
  • Our Weight-Loss Challenge Program Calculator to build your program pricing.
  • 4 monthly Meal Plans, delivered on days 1, 30, 60 and 90.
    • That last meal plan, delivered on day 90, is not only an added value you can offer once the 12 Week Challenge has ended, it’s also a way to leave them wanting more meal plans and workouts as their body composition continue to change.
Step 2: Promote Your Weight Loss Challenge
How you decide to get a potential client’s attention can make or break your weight loss challenge. If you need some suggestions, follow our business-in-a-box steps:
  • Hang banners in the gym
  • Include it in your newsletter if you have one
  • Announce it in an email blast
  • Promote on all your social media channels
  • Reach out to current and potential members directly
  • Offer a referral program
Step 3: Launch Your Weight Loss Challenge
Manage the challenge and monitor your clients’ results by doing a weekly check in. Note where they successfully followed your plan and where they had missteps. You’ll find that they’ll appreciate when you celebrate their wins and when you show them how to avoid tempting situations.
Step 4: Watch Your Client List Grow
Repeat the challenge at least 4 times a year to keep your clients motivated and as a check in should they need to get back on track after completing their last challenge. When you do these challenges regularly, you will grow your business, feed your personal training client list, and contribute to the 4 R’s of a successful fitness business: Results, Retention, Referrals and Revenue.
If you still have additional questions, you can always check in with our support team via our bright blue Support button at the bottom right corner of our website.