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How to Use Google Calendar for Meal Planning

A lot of your clients will tell you it’s hard to get started with good new good habit-like meal planning. It takes too much time. They don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to keep track of it. That’s where Google Calendar and you come in to help your clients form and consistently maintain a healthy eating plan. Evolution Nutrition is here to help you by providing calendar templates, and easy-to-prepare meal ideas and recipes that will make it easier for your clients to stay on the path to good nutrition. 

Google Calendar meal planning is a great tool for helping people manage the diets you’ve helped them develop.

In addition to the fact that many people already using it to manage their work and home life schedules, creating Google Calendar entries for meal planning is great because it has features that are ideally suited to help remind your clients what’s on tap for their plan.

One key Google Calendar feature is the ability to set up automatic reminders about your clients’ plans that can show up on their phones or computers. It can be hard to remember to check a calendar but setting up automatic reminders makes it hard to forget when you have a lot going on.

They can also cut and paste recipes from Evolution Nutrition directly into their calendars and share details about their meal plan with you, their family, and others.

How to Plan Meals for the Week

The process of setting up reminders in Google Calendars, either online or using the app, is super simple. Your clients just need to select “Create New Calendar,” label it “Meal Planning,” and set up the days and times they want to be reminded.

For instance, they could set up a reminder notification for every Tuesday afternoon, that lets them know their meal plan calls for them to make a chicken recipe each Wednesday.

If your client is trying to stick to a regular meal or snack schedule during the day, they could also set up a notification to remind them about their snack or mealtime.

Or maybe your client and their family like to eat a particular meal every Monday, say a favorite fish or vegetarian dish. That’s easy to set up, too. Simply create the same kind of reminder as above and include details in the notes section about the recipe and ingredients needed.

Your clients can also manually enter details about the Evolution Nutrition-created meal plans you’ve provided for them for specific days they want to try them, along with all the information you’ve given them about how to make what’s on the menu.

Your clients don’t only have to rely on notifications about scheduled meals. The information is also visible in the calendar view on the app or website. And, they can add notes after a meal that can serve as a diary showing their progress, keeping up with the plan you’ve set up for them.

It’s important to emphasize to your clients that pre-planning by setting up these kinds of notifications is a great way to make it easy to follow a meal plan and establish the kind of consistency needed to meet their health and fitness goals.

Recipes to Make Meal Planning Simple

You can also add value to their relationship with you by forwarding them new recipes that they can simply cut and paste into their calendars. If you haven’t already, take a look at some of these ideas:

Seeing their meal plan details sitting on their Google Calendar in front of them can also create a sense of accountability, not to mention making it easy for them to know what’s coming up so they can sit down and create a grocery list to get all the items they need.

Google Calendar Meal Planning FAQs

Why is mean planning useful?

Meal plans like the easy-to-use ones Evolution Nutrition provides take the guesswork out of figuring out what goes into making a healthy meal that fits in with the fitness program you’ve set up for your clients.

What's the best way to use Google Calendars for meal planning?

Setting up automatic alerts about meal plans is a great feature that enables your clients to get notifications of what’s in their meal plan, which makes it easier for them to stick to the program.

Is there a way to incorporate leftovers into a Google Calendar meal plan?

One great idea is to set up automatic weekly notifications with a reminder to use the leftovers from one of the great meals you couldn’t finish.

What recipes should I put in my Google Calendars meal plan?

A good place to start is with the recipes Evolution Nutrition provides with its meal plans. Check out some examples of them here:



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