Branding tips to grow your fitness business

Branding for Personal Trainers

Branding, building a presence, and developing a roster of clients can be challenging.

As a fitness expert, you’ve probably come to realize that you don’t need thousands of clients to do well because you would be stretched in many directions, and you simply cannot be everywhere at once. The best approach is to run a lean training business with loyal, high-paying clients who can become your brand’s advocates.


Evolution Nutrition outlines four proven strategies for branding your training business.


1. Keep Your Website Clean And Professional

When a new prospect visits your website, do they immediately understand what it is about? Can they figure out if your site is the right place for them within ten seconds? Do you make it easy for them to contact you? Do you have an image gallery with inspirational quotes? Do you have honest and favorable testimonials and reviews?  Or is your website cluttered with useless information and features that only confuse or detract visitors? An example of a confusing feature would be a drop-ship business or a link to buy a product, which takes users away from your website.


Showing credibility, making the site easy to navigate, and having a clear path of action will make your website as successful as possible. There are many resources online that offer low-cost websites, logos, and even content creation.


Websites such as Graphic River offer low-cost graphics and website templates for as little as $2 while still looking presentable. 99 Designs is another leader in creating images and graphics for use in your brand.


Elements that make up a great logo are:

•    Clear writing
•    Concise messaging
•    Images that present well on various channels from baseball hats to business cards, and your website

2. Testimonials - Front and Center

When a prospect visits your coaching page and sees testimonials from past happy clients, they are more likely to engage with you and open their wallet. In contrast, if the coaching page has no testimonials, it would be much more difficult for them to trust you.


So, gather up the testimonials you have and display them. If you don’t have any yet, consider people you’ve helped in the past:
•    Readers who’ve asked you things through email
•    People who’ve left comments on your content
•    Former in-person clients


These are all possible places where you can ask people to write a few lines of testimonials for you.

3. Do Some Guest Blogging

Guest blogging - the act of producing content for another blog - can be a great way to promote yourself and showcase your expertise in the fitness field. Sure, you’re putting that effort in for another blog, but that can benefit you greatly. As the saying goes, “Give, and you shall receive.”


First, guest blogging is fantastic for reaching a wider audience and getting your name out there. Second, it’s a great way to display your expertise and get people’s attention. Third, having a link point back to your website is excellent for SEO and potential click-throughs.


Find popular websites with similar audiences to yours, pitch them the idea, ask if you can add a paragraph at the bottom of the article, and be clear on what topic you should write for them.


If you cannot find a blog to post on, consider joining an active fitness forum or two (the more, the better) and offer fitness advice for people looking for help. This could range from athletes looking for an edge to busy moms with only a few moments a day to work out.


Eventually, you may find yourself a moderator in your own subreddit and start to gather clients, simply from helping others solve problems.

4. Build a Social Media Presence

Gaining a solid following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can do wonders for your business.
You would get to reach thousands of people, convert some of them into followers, and turn a percentage of that following into email subscribers.

Once on your list, you can advertise directly. For instance, you can send out the occasional email where you promote your training services. If you ever decide to launch a product such as a course or eBook, those will be the first people willing to buy. The possibilities are endless.



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