Building Your Brand From Logo to Customized Meal Plan

Building a business as a fitness professional is about more than just a client session and customized meal plan here and there. It’s about creating a clear brand for your business that will draw clients in to ask about and schedule that session or sign on for that customized meal plan. And that’s not just a cool logo.

Clear branding is a consistent representation of the heart of your business – who you are, what you do and how all of that looks and feels to your customers. Here’s how to get started building your brand as a fitness professional:

  • What makes you unique?  What experiences and services are you providing clients to differentiate you from the competition and how can this be communicated through your various marketing messages. This is the unique value your potential clients are looking for.
  • Does your business name and logo represent you? It’s a fast-paced world and often your name and logo is as far as potential clients will look. Ensure that it’s an accurate representation of you, the services and experiences you offer and the feeling behind those whether it’s a fitness program and customized meal plan to help people gradually get back into shape for long term health or training for elite athletes with extreme fitness goals.
  • Consistency is key. While your business name and logo help draw potential clients in, it’s consistency in messaging, materials and tools and interactions that helps to build trust and a recognizable brand over the long run.

How have you started to build your brand as a fitness professional? If a customized meal plan and streamlined tracking and communication tools are part of your plan to stand out as a brand and grow your business, Evolution Nutrition meal planning software can help with professional meal plans and consistent branding.


Pro Pro


Our most popular plan!

  • Ranging from 50–500 clients
  • For the pro that wants to take control of the details
  • Ability to fully edit and customize
  • Build your own plans from scratch

Enterprise Enterprise


  • Multiple trainers and over 1,000 clients
  • Designed for a business that has more than one trainer
  • Ability to fully edit and customize
  • Build your own plans from scratch