Online grocery shopping to elevate goals

Online Meal Planning with Grocery Lists

Between a jam-packed calendar and endless obligations around home, making time for thoughtful grocery shopping and healthy cooking can be difficult.

Yet, plenty of busy individuals out there manage to keep it all balanced? How is that possible?

Two words: Planning ahead.

In this post, we’ll go over one fantastic way to plan out the week ahead and make the entire shopping process, cooking, and preparing meals as seamless as possible.

Let’s dive in…

The Power of Weekly Planning

As the old saying goes, “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” Before doing anything, we first need to have an idea of what we want to accomplish. In the case of cooking, we first need to have a good idea of what kinds of meals we want to prepare and then come up with a list of ingredients.

Weekly planning is nothing more than taking this principle and applying it to a predetermined amount of time - for example, one week. Doing that brings about several notable benefits:

•  You get to save up on grocery trips. Instead of going to the store every day or two, you buy in bulk and have enough ingredients to last you for at least a few days.
•  You get to prepare meals in bulk, which saves you time and effort. Instead of making a meal ahead of time and constantly worrying about what you’ll make next, you have a clear plan, and you often prepare several meals ahead of time.
•  You get to save yourself time and money because you cut back on trips to the grocery store, and you don’t have to dedicate time for cooking all of the time.

A Weekly Meal Plan With Grocery List

1. A protein source with veggies always works

Protein and fiber are vital nutrients for our health, and foods that provide them tend to be fantastic for meal prepping.

Good protein sources include meats, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Fantastic sources of fiber include fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds.

Make sure to include such in your weekly grocery list, and you will never feel like you don’t have options for meals.

2. Pasta and rice are your friends

Though many people fear carbs, they are essential for our health, energy, and general well-being.

Sources like pasta and rice are fantastic because:

•    They are relatively cheap
•    You can buy them in bulk
•    It takes little time to prepare them
•    They work as a fantastic side to many meals

3. Salads make for a delicious side to most meals

There is such an abundant choice of salads these days that you can virtually find at least a few to love. Plus, salads are a fantastic addition to most meals, especially if you’re looking to lose some fat and save up calories.

4. Keep your pantry stocked up

Keeping your pantry full is always beneficial because it allows you to throw together quick meals and make your prepared meals more delicious.

Good examples include beans (black beans, chickpeas, and more), canned tomatoes and tuna, dried lentils, canned soup, oats, and cornbread mix.


As you can see, planning is incredibly valuable. If you’re interested in elevating your health, wellness, and fitness efforts, you can opt to create a custom 12-week diet plan PDF - it goes over everything you need to know about nutrition, mindset, your environment, and more.


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