Power of visualization for your business

The Power of Visualization For You and Your Business

Life can be hectic. It often scoops us up and throws us into a never-ending to-do list.


Of course, hard work is not bad, and we can’t avoid it if we want to be successful. But hard work alone often makes us short-sighted, which can limit us to long-term growth and development.  Even worse, monotony can blind us to our long-term goals and stop us from getting where we want to be.


The question is, what can we do about it?

The Critical Importance of Visualization

Yes, we get it. Visualization might seem like a gimmick, but bear with us for a moment:  As you sign-up a new client, do you ask them about their goals and aspirations? Of course, you do - this is one of the most important things. Before putting a plan for them, you need to know what they want to achieve and what brought them to you. More importantly, you learn about what they want to change and where they see themselves a month, year, or even decade from now.


You might also have them hold a current newspaper and take a picture they can look at later to see how far they’ve come. All of this is intentional. Your goal is to stimulate your clients and force them to imagine their ideal future, one in which they’ve achieved their fitness goals and wildest aspirations. That’s powerful.  For example, you might ask them to envision a point in the future when they look in the mirror and love what they see. Thanks to your guidance, they create a picture in their mind, commit to bringing it to life, and start moving forward one step at a time. When asking themselves, “Why am I doing all of this?” that image of the future pops to mind.


Without a strong why, training is dull and uninspiring. But with a strong why, even the most draining of workouts feel motivating. Each is a step in an epic journey to a destination. Setbacks are temporary because they know how far they’ve come, what their destination is, and how they can get there. More importantly, they are confident because they’ve had some success, which has shown them they are capable of a lot.


But have you done this for yourself lately - defined your compelling vision of your future? Not necessarily in fitness, but with a laser focus on what you want to achieve as a personal trainer in the long run?

What’s Your Vision?

Just as your clients need a clear image of their achievements, so do you. If you don’t cultivate one, it gets easy to slip into the monotony of each day. Before you know it, you’re backsliding into results you don’t care for. Even worse, you move away from the life you want and allow external factors to determine your fate instead of seizing your destiny.


Maybe you’re not sure where you want to go. Or perhaps you’re more sure of what you don’t want in your future - this can be highly motivating, too. In any case, asking yourself the right questions can help you get your priorities straight and devise a plan for achieving them.


For example:
•    Why did you get into this business in the first place? What did you hope and aspire to back then?
•    Where do you see yourself in five years?
•    Who is your ideal client?
•    How many clients do you want to have in total?
•    How to attract more of your ideal clients?
•    What can you do to keep your clients engaged?


When you get clear on the objectives you want to achieve, you begin to line up the different actions that will bring dreams to reality - just as your clients and their visions of fitness.  Can we call this the law of attraction or some mystical mumbo jumbo?


You can label it however you’d like, but one thing is for sure:

Visualizing your success is essential and it works. If you’re not sure, talk with successful people about it.  Once you gain clarity of what you want, you open the doors to make it happen. For example, you might want to have fewer clients because an extensive roster makes it challenging to find free time. In that case, you’ll find ways to serve fewer people better, attract high-quality clients and get more revenue from each person. You’ll start noticing opportunities where none existed before because you now have clarity and awareness.


This is how you re-ignite your passion, kickstart your career, and reap the benefits of being a person who helps others elevate their lives. Get clear today, realize your dreams tomorrow.


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