Setting Up a Realistic Meal Plan for 7 Days

I train a variety of clients online and prefer to focus on flexible and easy-to-follow eating concepts when I talk about nutrition. The majority of my clients are working parents, so they have little time to switch food choices every day or to give any extra thought to meal planning. My clients often request precise, simple plans that can easily be packed, microwaved or eaten cold on-the-go. Although simple meals are convenient, it isn’t realistic for me to expect them to eat this blandly on days off or on special occasions. My goal is to show my clients how to balance life, food and exercise. Since I like the variety of foods offered by Evolution Nutrition, I have come up with a simple solution that makes everyone happy.


Days 1 – 3. I simplify these meals and also maintain the appropriate macro nutrient breakdown. Each day generally has little changes; different snack choices or perhaps a glass of wine or small frozen yogurt to show clients how to adjust meal plans for these ‘bonus’ items. By using the Food Swap, clients have control over choices and can begin to learn how to put together comprehensive and realistic meals. These meal plan days are great for their workweek or during their travel days.


Days 4-7. I leave these days the way the professionals at Evolution Nutrition created them. By doing this, I can offer more variety in food choices and introduce clients to new food options they may not have considered. These meal plan days are also beneficial when they’re looking for extra options during weekends, holidays, and vacations. Most importantly, it helps clients realize that they can eat a variety of foods, including bread to pasta, and still reach their wellness goals. Needless to say, it helps provide a more realistic lifestyle change.



Tiffany Wilkerson


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