Three Simple Steps to New Clients

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you first decided to become a fitness professional? All of the possibilities to help transform people’s lives and earn yourself an honest living?  Indeed, many people saw this as an opportunity to help others improve their lives and make a good living.  But, the thing is, before you can help anyone else, you first need to convince them to become your client. You can’t succeed in the first part - helping others enjoy healthier lives - if you don’t get better at finding and retaining clients.  After all, this is a business like any other. To make it viable, you must earn enough money to be able to do the things you want in life, without constantly worrying about where your next client will come from.


Every business owner faces the same challenge - how to get more business and retain the positions you’ve worked hard to build.  In every business out there, it all begins with establishing the proper mindset. Sure, you might have doubts, and your inner voice might say, “I don’t know what to do next. I’m not any good at sales. This is more difficult than I thought.” But, the truth is, everyone has their doubts and worries. What matters most is that you work hard, stay positive, trust your gut, and deliver value for your client base.  But, before you can help anyone, you first have to get them as a client. To that end, we’ve put together this post, outlining the three simple steps you need to take to get new clients and retain the ones you already have.

Step 1: Reignite the passion for new clients and your existing customer base.

We are living in some truly amazing times. These days, we have tons of business-growth resources available, just a few clicks away. What’s more, we also have easier access than ever to prospective clients.  But, here’s the thing:  Motivation is transient, and everyone finds themselves in a bit of a rut sometimes. Despite their best intentions, people sometimes can’t muster the motivation to do what needs to be done.  Here’s a question for you:  Do you have clients like this? You give them all of the instructions they need to succeed, yet somehow, they seem to hit a wall of self-doubt and demotivation that stops them in their tracks.


You know what gets them going again, more than pushing and urging them. It’s the thing that can get anyone moving, no matter how hopeless the situation might seem:  Giving them a little taste of success - an experience of winning. When a person experiences this, they genuinely start to believe in themselves. How could they not? They have living proof that it’s possible. Then, they remember the commitment they made and how motivated they felt at the start. All of this is enough to reignite their determination and help them overcome whatever obstacle might be in their way.  So, no matter what, do your best to provide your clients with actionable and straightforward things they can do to see some immediate progress, no matter what their current situation is or how they might feel.

Step 2: Take ownership of the outcomes you create.

In life and fitness, it all starts with taking ownership of the outcome you create. The moment you do that, you gain control of the situation - you’re no longer going with the flow.  It’s the same for your client, and it’s the same for you - the fitness professional. So, how do you reignite the passion and put yourself in the proper mindset for success?  As with any independent person who is running a business, it all starts with taking ownership of the outcomes you create. To take ownership, there are two things you must continually grow:

  1. Your network of contacts and potential customers;
  2. Your capabilities as a professional;

For example - growing your network of contacts and potential clients. Are you on Facebook? If so, do you often find yourself wasting your time there, aimlessly scrolling down the food, or do you try to make it work for you? Do you have a page where you deliver value to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people?

Have you created a profile on LinkedIn? There are millions of professionals there, and a big chunk of them are interested in improving their shape and health by working with a qualified fitness professional.  Instagram is another colossal player these days, and many fitness professionals deliver value to their followers daily and thus create connections with other professionals and potential clients.  This brings us to your capabilities. The more you improve your expertise and knowledge, the better your ability to get clients is. Even if you market yourself well, you won’t be able to retain customers unless you can also deliver value for them.  You’ve recently upped your game by adding professional meal plans from Evolution Nutrition to your repertoire. What matters most is that you work on yourself as much as you work on your clients. As the old saying goes, “You can’t help others until you help yourself.”

Step 3: Decide to seize your new destiny.

It all begins with a decision. The moment you decide to make something happen is the moment you can start putting a plan in motion.  Just as with your clients, the way to jump-start this next phase of your business is to experience some early success. The best way to do that is to simply present customized meal plans to your clients who have already asked you for nutritional advice.  Again, go back to the excitement you felt when you first began as a fitness professional. This is what you were built for – helping more and more people live vibrant, healthy lives – and now you have a fantastic new tool for doing that!

Focus on enrolling your first client and give them the customized meal plans that will enable them to succeed faster. It won’t be long before you have multiple clients enrolled, and a sustainable new profit center for your business.  And the best part is, the more satisfied clients you have, the more testimonials you can get, and the easier it will be for you to sign new clients in the future—the snowball effect in action.



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