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The 3 Best Food Groups to Eliminate for Quick Weight Loss

We all know losing weight can be a struggle, but if just one of these types of foods is being consumed on a regular basis, it can impede your weight loss progress.

  1. Added Sugar

  2. Gluten

  3. Alcohol

We can all agree that sugar does not make us healthier, correct? But why sugar is dangerous, is its psychological response in the brain when it is consumed. It works similarly to other narcotics (cocaine, heroin) as it triggers our pleasure, reward, and emotional pathways when consumed.  Just like a drug, sugar can become addictive and a tolerance will be built requiring more of the food to satisfy the craving. Consuming sugar promotes overeating and urges all day long leaving you with no control over the food you eat. Beware of added sugars since they are sneaky and can be disguised in many ways on nutrition labels and is often added to food served in a restaurant. Always read nutrition labels and ask the food provider to ensure the food is sugar-free.

We now arrive at Gluten which is found in about almost every aisle in the grocery store and on every restaurant menu. Common foods that contain gluten are pasta, noodles, bread, pastries, cereals, crackers, baked goods, breakfast foods, tortillas, croutons, breading, sauces, and many more. These foods often contain sugar, promoting an addiction to these foods which also contain little to no nutritional value. Gluten-containing foods also disrupt hormone balance by promoting leptin resistance. Leptin is made by the body’s fat cells to tell the body it is full. When the body increases its resistance to leptin, the body eats past the point of feeling full, to feeling stuffed to then feeling sick. Lastly, gluten is a protein found in the endosperm of wheat, rye, and barley and contains a protein called prolamin. Prolalim is so problematic because it wreaks havoc on the body’s digestive system. The protein is resistant to digestion and is able to enter into the body's cells in the GI tract which causes inflammation in the gut.

Alcohol makes the list because it is packed with calories and promotes many unhealthy behaviors. It is a depressant which affects the way the brain works and impairs judgment when making decisions regarding food (among other things). After a night of drinking, it becomes much too easy to dive into the fridge, pantry, or the dreaded nearest fast food restaurant. It leads to overconsumption, late-night splurges, and does not help when it comes to making the right food choice.

Although, fine in small doses, added sugar, gluten, and alcohol all share similarly negative effects on the body. In summary, they are addictive, promote over-consumption, upset hormone sensitivity and cause inflammation.


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