How to stay connected with clients

How to Stay Connected with Your Clients During the Pandemic

Connecting with your clients during these trying times can be challenging. With gyms and training facilities still closed, meeting your clients is not an option.

This presents a problem because losing the connection with your clients makes it incredibly difficult to keep them motivated and engaged. Plus, with the accountability factor gone, clients often forget why they started, and many find themselves backsliding or giving up.

To prevent that from happening, we’ve put together this post. In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know about keeping in touch with clients and keeping them engaged.

Let’s dive in.

1. Email

Email is among the best places to communicate with your clients. While some people may not have social media accounts or various apps on their phones, everyone has an email. What’s more, email allows people to attach files (such as photos and videos) for technique and physique updates. You can also exchange ideas about meal planning software, training techniques, and more.

Email is also more personal, and clients can mark messages that come from you as high-priority. This helps prevent losing them in the sea of information.

2. Social Media

Similar to email, social media is another viable place to keep in touch with clients. Most platforms offer the ability to attach files, and communication is easy as a whole.

There are two potential drawbacks with this one:

First, your client might not have social media accounts, and they may have to create one just for communicating with you.

Second, social media can be distracting, and a simple chat can lead down the rabbit hole of scrolling through your feed for an hour.

3. Apps

Certain workout apps (such as Trainerize) offer clients and their trainers to connect and communicate at different times each day.

Apps are also a good choice because many of them come with built-in features that improve client-trainer communication. For example, the trainer can send a pre-written template for the client’s training. As the client does the workouts, they can fill it up and send it back quickly.

4. Phone Calls/Live Video Chats

Phone calls and live video chats are by far among the most personal ways to communicate with clients (apart, of course, from one on one sessions).

Besides exchanging information and ideas, you can connect with your client on a much deeper level. You can sense their level of engagement, their mood, and their overall investment in the process. You can probe, emphasize, and try to gain a deep understanding of their frustrations and worries.

5. Live Workouts

Last but not least, we have live workouts. This type of communication is also unique because of one simple fact:

You get to demonstrate that you walk the talk. Sure, you’re knowledgeable and communicate well. But when your clients see that you practice what you preach, they gain a deeper appreciation of you as a person and professional.

Plus, your clients get to see how they should do the workout, how to perform the unique exercises, how long to rest between activities, and many other details.


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