What's in a Business Name?

Names are important, whether your business, website, brand….heck, even our pet names are important. A name can be the first thing entrepreneurs think of when they have their first vision of what they want to build or create. Because, when it comes down to it, it’s all about identity. I’m not a glorified business strategist or advisor, I can only speak to my personal experience from starting Evolution Nutrition, but it’s a path I feel can provide some insight to businesses that are just starting out or really haven’t landed on a true brand name or identity yet.

When I made a commitment to move forward with the business, the name was one of the first things that jumped into my mind.  From the beginning, I already envisioned the software to function and the nutrition programming that it would provide. With my vision in place, I started to experience what I like to think of as a ‘healthy’ level of obsession. This obsession would follow me everywhere; at home, work, even the grocery store. I saw the gap between advanced science and application through technology and knew I could bridge them together to benefit the health and fitness industry.

Once I started to think about the industries and growth, it all came together. I remember vividly where I was and what I was doing because it was exactly the spark I was waiting for. It was a late spring afternoon a number of years ago and I was sitting at a local park. I remember the warm sun and cool breeze as I began thinking about the business; the company itself, the program and the industries, all at once. Industries that are always changing, adapting and moving, but what I was looking for was something that indicated forward progress, growth, and advancement… evolving.  When I got to this word, I stopped (breathing almost). I felt this surge of emotion and energy when I internalized that word, Evolution. The word embodied exactly what I had been envisioning for months; a business and platform that evolved with nutrition and technology together to provide a level of professional service that the industry didn’t have. After a few moments, it just fell into place naturally, Evolution Nutrition.

The months and years since have been a whirlwind of business strategy, planning, development, product launches, and growth. What I remember most is that day in my mind Evolution Nutrition was born. A connection is what helped me, and it's something I’d suggest to any business owner, either veteran or start up. Connect to your business using whatever method or strategy you need to use, or just maybe do something as simple as going for a walk in a park.  Connect to your business, connect with your vision and values, connect with your company’s identity, and trust that everything will fall into place.   


Jeff Boyes, CEO/Founder

Fitness Fitness


  • Ranging from 50–200 clients
  • For the pro looking to use our entire 4,400+ meal plan database
  • Start delivering meal plans right away

Pro Pro


Our most popular plan!

  • Ranging from 50–500 clients
  • For the pro that wants to take control of the details
  • Ability to fully edit and customize
  • Build your own plans from scratch

Enterprise Enterprise


  • Multiple trainers and over 1,000 clients
  • Designed for a business that has more than one trainer
  • Ability to fully edit and customize
  • Build your own plans from scratch