Charlie M.

Charlie Meister

As most people know, nutrition is more important to achieving those results than the actual training is. The training provides the initial stimulus, but nothing will change if your nutrition isn’t adequate.

What inspired you to add meal planning services to your business?

To help my clients achieve their desired results on all fronts. As most people know, nutrition is more important to achieving those results than the actual training is. The training provides the initial stimulus, but nothing will change if your nutrition isn’t adequate.

What 3 things would you tell someone who is looking to start meal planning for their clients?
  1. It doesn’t have to be boring! Often times people thing meal plans is just chicken, rice and broccoli but this couldn’t be farther from the truth
  2. Will add structure to your eating habits and allow you to easily manage what you are eating in order to reach you desired goal
  3. Meal plans are easily adjustable! If you don’t like a certain food, you can easily swap it out for another! There is not “magic” food that will get you to your results. Hundreds of different ways to get to your goal!
How has Evolution Nutrition helped your business?

It has helped me massively! It has allowed me to take on more clients because it saves me soooo much time when doing meal plans. Before Evolution Nutrition, I would spend my entire day writing meal plans up on Excel and they became very boring after a while because I started running out of ideas. One of my favorite features about Evolution Nutrition, is that the meal plans and recipes that they have on their platform are designed by certified dieticians, so I know what I’m getting is the cream of the crop standard.

How do you motivate your clients to stay on track with their meal plans?

By showing them their results. I get them to weigh themselves daily and take progress photos once a week. Every time they lose motivation, I show them this and it allows them to easily get back on track. Sometimes a little accountability can go a long way!

What is your general heathy eating philosophy?

IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) – I want people to enjoy their life and not be forced to follow a plan to a tee. I set them macro and calorie targets and as long as they hit those, I’m not worried about the exact foods they consume. I typically have my clients eat following a 80/20 rule where they eat 80% clean, micronutrient dense foods, and 20% whatever they like so that they are satisfied and don’t develop cravings and binges.

What ways of eating have you found to be most successful for clients with weight loss goals?

IIFYM – as described above, I want my clients to enjoy their meal plan. If they aren’t motivated by it, results will become much harder to achieve. My clients love the 80/20 rule that I mentioned in the previous question as it allows for flexibility and is easy to adhere too. Furthermore, I get my clients to have a refeed day (frequency depends on leanness). This is not a cheat day but day where they load up on carbs and have ONE cheat meal. This helps cravings massively and has been proven to be effective when a client stalls in their weight loss journey as their leptin (fat burning hormone) levels may have dropped significantly. My clients love these days (who doesn’t!).

What 3 foods do you suggest everyone make part of their day?
  1. Protein shake – essential to hit your protein target (most important macronutrient)
  2. Spinach or kale – micronutrient haven!
  3. A piece of fruit – great source of carbs and can treat the sweet tooth!
What does an average day in your own life look like, food wise?

Typically, high protein (around 225g/day), tons of fruits and veg that I like to add into my morning shake, and one treat a day! My favorite is halo top ice cream!

What type of exercise do you encourage your clients to do?

Weight training!! So many people follow the myth that when you are overweight, the first thing you need to do is hit the treadmill for hours. Wrong! The most efficient way to start shedding fat is by weight training! The more lean tissue you have (which is built in the weight room), the higher your metabolism is (lean tissue require significantly more calories to sustain) and the more calories you will be burning at rest!

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