Angela C.


 The #1 struggle I hear from many of my clients is they struggle with nutrition and knowing really what to eat so adding meal planning to my services was something I feel was heavily needed to help my clients more as well as many others.

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Darryl D.


Meet Darryl Daniels, aka Coach, after almost 4 decades in the health and fitness industry as gym owner, consultant, celebrity trainer and competitor the EN system has given Darryl the tools needed to scale his nutrition business to a level that he never could have done in the past based on the level of service he provides to his clients. He also uses EN for his personal nutrition plan to keep himself running at optimal levels.

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Kelsey H.


Kelsey is the Co-Founder of HiitBurn.

Evolution Nutrition has been an excellent tool for us in growing our business. It has allowed us the quickly scale our business because it is easy to use and customizable. We needed a tool that would allow us a good amount of customization to give each client the individual attention needed to reach their goals.  We have sold over 200 custom plans in our first month with Evolution Nutrition. The system itself and the customer service of the Evolution Nutrition team have been great for what we need.

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True Body Wellness

Utenge owns and opperates True Body Wellness.

I first started using this software on myself because I needed to find a more effective option at creating meal plans and track my own numbers ahead of time unlike other apps like myfitness pal and lose it. I needed to be able to create a custom meal plan for an entire 16-20 week competition prep since I compete in drug free bodybuilding and turned pro in 2015. It's easy to do it for me to do it for myself but in 2015 I began coaching other competitors and found it to be very time consuming to create excel spreadsheets for each client with each calorie and macro where it needs to be.  So what took me 1.5-3 hours to do over a weekend I can now accomplish in 30-60 minutes. I no longer internally cringe when I need to create a meal plan for a client now that I utilize EN. It has simplified the process drastically and given me back my most precious commodity; my time.

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Josh S.

World Health

Josh works as a nutrition manager for World Health in Calgary, Alberta
and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist™, PTS, PN

Technology like Evolution Nutrition makes the planning part easy and efficient so you can focus on the coaching.

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Alan A.

PPC Fitness

Alan owns and opperates PPC Fitness

Since introducing meal planning as a part of my memberships I have seen my conversion rates increase significantly with new prospects. Most facilities in my area are not even talking about nutrition so it really separates us from the pack.

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Laine T.

Nutrition by Laine

Laine owns and operates Nutrition by Laine

Since I started using EN and started my business 6 months ago, I have consistently had 7 to 9 clients every month. Just when one client decides to fly on his own, I have a new client contact me about my program.

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Kevin W.

Body Performance Personal Training

Kevin owns and operates Body Performance Personal Training

I was able to sell nearly all of my existing personal training clients meal plans as well as my online training clients could now also purchase meal plans. I sold an additional 5 meal plans in the first month so 1000!

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Be Fit

Be Fit

Find out more at befitkilleen.com

It added an extra level of value for our clients and a step above the "Joe Schmoe" trainers anyone can find.  We're simply seeing more clients, and their sticking around longer.

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Camlin J.

The Functional Body Shop

Camlin owns and operates The Functional Body Shop.

Where last year I had only a couple of clients, this year I have been able to maintain a 87% retention rate.  All new clients use our meal plans and are seeing more results.

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Rhys L.

Web Fit Wales

Rhys owns and operates Web-Fit Wales.  He has A level qualification in Sport Science and achieved his HNC at the University of Wales, UK.  Following University he continued his studies to become a certified Level 3 Advanced Fitness instructor (Personal Trainer) and Level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management Advisor.  He's played rugby as well as competed in Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing Competition and is currently working towards my Black Belt.

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Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance loves the concept of leading by example. We truly believe that the best way to motivate your loved ones to pursuit a healthier and happier lifestyle is to simply act upon this yourself. Get moving today and show others how important health truly is.

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Jill N.

The Gym in Pinetop

Jill owns and operates Thegyminpinetop.com

I do meal plans for competitors and I have found after my clients competitions I get a lot of new clients due to the social media presence associated with competition, via Facebook, Instagram and of course personal referrals.

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Tiffany W.


Tiffany owns and operates CrZyFit

My clients LOVE the addition of EN!! I have not had any negative feedback. I am so happy to have this tool!!!

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David F.

Choice Group Training

David owns and operates Choice Group Training

I’ve seen a 25% increase in business and we expect to grow significantly over the next 3 months.

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